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  1. COE Small

    The Codes of Enlightenment - A5


    The Codes of Enlightenment are a series of 12 beautiful and powerful sacred images that are encoded with higher vibrational energies for the clearing and opening of your heart and generation of pure love in your life. The 12 codes have a transformational effect on your energy and consciousness, supporting 12 levels or dimensions of your heart to open to allow your Divine Essence and Divine Presence to be more deeply experienced. The codes are accompanied by mantras, which when used in conjunction with the code, create an opening of your heart and energy system to help establish your higherself or divine presence energy connection.

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  2. Self Mastery Template

    Self Mastery Template


    This template design was given to Sri’ama Qala by the Ascended Masters in 2003 and has been used by many students training in their mastery and ascension. It is made up of the heart signatures of many Ascended Masters and carries a very high frequency that has the potential to assist any being to advance themselves energetically and consciously on their path of mastery.

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  3. Universal Mantras of The One Heart

    God Presence Mantras CD


    Universal Mantras of The One Heart - For the Journey of Opening your Heart. This Audio CD album comprises three mantras; The God Presence Mantra, Opening the Heart Mantra & The Galactic Heart Mantra. These 3 mantras when listened to or sung, support a soul on their path of Opening their Heart.

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  4. Divine Relationship

    Mastery Lessons: Divine Relationship


    A series of 3 Mastery Lessons with Sri’ama Qala and Sananda for attracting the divine friendship or divine relationship you deserve to receive as a divine being. Each one hour lesson offers specific master teachings to expand your mastery of divine relationships, comes packaged with masterful practises, and as you place your focus upon unwrapping the gifts held in these recordings, from within yourself, you will be personally supported every step of the way by the enlightened masters to create the greatest transformation in this area of your life.

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  5. Spiritual Practises 101

    Spiritual Practises 101


    Spiritual Practices 101 is a series of three powerful, energy generating "connection" processes that any spiritually awakened soul may practise regularly to enable them to take their first serious steps towards developing their energy, consciousness and self empowerment. Each of the practices are easy, heart based and guided by Sri'ama Qala, the founding mother of The Divine University Project. These practices have been designed for beginners but will also deeply support more experienced spiritual initiates.
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