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  1. Healing Card Set

    Healing Card Set


    For The Divine Repatterning and Activation of Your Multidimensional Lightbody & Activation of your Multidimensional Gifts.

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  2. Universal Mantras of The One Heart

    God Presence Mantras CD


    Universal Mantras of The One Heart - For the Journey of Opening your Heart. This Audio CD album comprises three mantras; The God Presence Mantra, Opening the Heart Mantra & The Galactic Heart Mantra. These 3 mantras when listened to or sung, support a soul on their path of Opening their Heart.

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  3. Spiritual Practises 101

    Spiritual Practises 101


    Spiritual Practices 101 is a series of three powerful, energy generating "connection" processes that any spiritually awakened soul may practise regularly to enable them to take their first serious steps towards developing their energy, consciousness and self empowerment. Each of the practices are easy, heart based and guided by Sri'ama Qala, the founding mother of The Divine University Project. These practices have been designed for beginners but will also deeply support more experienced spiritual initiates.
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