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About The Frequency Store

Blessings and welcome to The Frequency Store,

The Frequency Store is the trading name for the online storefront of Alchimie de Lumiere Pty Ltd. We are located in the hinterland of Byron Bay, Australia — our continent’s most easterly point and first rays of light.

The Alchimie de Lumière story:
Alchimie de Lumière — (alchemy of light) is the evolution and mergence of two business enterprises birthed through Sri’ama Qala Phoenix in collaboration with others.

The first business Family of Light birthed in the mid 1990’s with the aim to produce high quality vibrational essences and elixirs. Through this exciting and fruitful period of discovery and research Liquid Light and the 144 Ascension Elixirs were realized.

Sri’ama Qala’s second business GAIA - Golden Age Innerplane Alchemy came into realization early 2001. GAIA over an eight year period produced and distributed numerous educational programs, trainings, training aids, and schools for high initiates including: The EASE Program, Sacred Mystery School and The Grace Program.

Sri’ama Qala a world teacher, is one of the four directors of Alchimie de Lumière working closely together to provide high frequency programs and products for distribution. At present all products available at The Frequency Store have been either directly created by or created in collaboration with Sri’ama Qala.

We hope you receive the inspiration and joy that we and many others have experienced over the years from Sri’ama Qala’s work.

Love & Light,
Zy Phoenix
Amaya Ma Kumara
Ekaan de Christos
Sri’ama Qala
(Alchimie de Lumière — Directors)

Alchimie de Lumiere